Flying Circus - MicroPython IDE

Flying Circus on browser and Electron app

Downloading Flying Circus

You can download the latest Electron app for Linux, Raspberry Pi, Windows or OSX here.

Or you can use it on your browser (WebREPL only) here.

What is Flying Circus?

Flying Circus is an open source/free software you can download or use on your browser to connect, execute and save code to a board running MicroPython (REPL).

So far Flying Circus can connect to your board via WebSocket, if your MicroPython has WebREPL configured, and the Electron app version can connect also via USB Serial if your computer can recognize the board as a serial device (check if the correct drivers are installed, if needed).

WebREPL connection dialog
USB Serial connection dialog

Once connected you can execute code from the text editor using the "play" and "stop" buttons on the toolbar or by using the console.

On the toolbar, there are 2 groups of buttons. The first one contains the "connect", "play", "stop" and "reset" button. On the second group you will find the "list files", "save file", "load file" and "delete file" on your board.

Flying Circus connected

Depending on what type of connection you have established with your board (websocket or serial) the second group of button may behave differently. On a serial connection all the results from file operations will be printed on the console. On the websocket connection it will be a mix: list files will print the files on the console but the load file will load the file content on the text editor.

Load file dialog
File loaded (WebREPL)

IMPORTANT: Saving files depends on the board having the binascii module installed. On the ESP32 version of MicroPython you download from MicroPython's website it comes installed but on the ESP8266 it doesn't. While this is not fixed, please use another tool such as Adafruit's ampy to load binascii to your board.

Source code

You only need to care about this session if you are planning to somehow modify or hack Flying Circus (I strongly encourage you to do it!).

Flying Circus is made out of many packages and components. The main packages are: